Jeffrey's Song

by Terry Kelly

He doesn't want to turn the light out
Well I just got home today
And I'll be gone when the mornin' comes
And the little man wants to play

Well you know it's getting late now
It's time to go to sleep
Well ya gotta get some dreamin' done
And I'll be home next week

I miss him when I'm gone, God knows
Sometimes it seems so long
And maybe someday he will come along

Now dad I have a plan
For you and me in a band
Well I'll practice hard and sing like you
And if you like I'll play some too

Could you stay just one more minute
Daddy rub my back some more
Well ya know I'm gonna have to tie you up
If you go away any more

Well I miss you when you're gone, Daddy
Play your guitar at home
Or maybe I could come and help you on the road
Yeah, Yeah

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