Moment To Moment 4:08

Written by : Terry Kelly, Floyd King
Published by: Gun K Publishing, Duff Banks Music

Oh, the rhythm of our lives is like the spinning of a wheel
And I watch in wonder as it goes round and round
And the seasons pass away in the busy day to day
And there is no sign of ever slowing down
Like the turning of the tide and the shifting of the sand
And the rising and the settling of the sun
So the day comes to an end, it will surely come again
For the spinning of the wheel is never done

Moment to moment, hour to hour
Love is the power, love will see us through
When there’s a question, love is the answer
Long will I cherish the love I have with you

How many lonely hearts believe that love
has passed them by
And give up long before their time has come
How lucky are the patient ones who seek until they find
That love is everywhere for everyone


The years go by, the wheels keep turning
There is a truth that keeps a light on in my heart
I do believe that I will love you, all my life, all my life

Repeat Chorus

©1996 All rights reserved