Don’t Take Me Homee 4:22

Written by : Terry Kelly, Creighton Doane
Published by: Gun K Publishing

Starin’ in through the window
From the crowded city street
He feels a chill as the wind blows
And the snow falls at his feet
Sometimes he thinks he’s dreamin’
And its all he can do not to cry
Oh let me be, I will survive

Her eyes are closed and she trembles
Her childhood slips away
She’s lost and broken, in shambles
Again she’s be en betrayed
It home is where the heart is
Then that’s a cold hard place inside
If that’s all there is, can she survive?

Don’t take me home
I want to be on my own
In a place a thousand worlds from here
Where all my troubles disappear
Don’t take me home

If only they warn much older
They could take themselves away
And lift this weight from their shoulders
Will they ever see that day
When dreams will be worth dreamin’
And they will know what it’s like to cry
In our darkest night, we will survive


If there’s a way to release me
Could I start my life again
Like a mountain, I’ll stand tall
And find the strength somewhere within

Repeat Chorus

©1996 All rights reserved