They’re Coming Home 3:43

Music by Terry Kelly
Lyrics by Terry Kelly & Joan Chipman
Published by Gun K Publishing – SOCAN

Verse One:

Mom was on the phone when Billy got home from school.
Was she laughing, was she crying?
Was this the call that they’d been waiting for so long?
He ran into her arms,
She shouted, “Guess who’s comin’ home?”


Daddy’s coming home
We’re all done counting sleeps.
The light in our window is guiding him home.
He told me to take care of Mom.
Little soldiers must be brave and strong.
My work is done, my daddy’s coming home.

Verse 2

Little Joanie cried, “Mommy, please don’t go!
I’m scared you’ll get hurt and you might not come home.
You say you’re going there to keep kids safe like me.
Mom, you’ve been there twice before.
Stay with me and Daddy, please”.

Chorus Two:

Mommy please don’t go.
I don’t like counting sleeps.
Don’t go back to war; stay here with me.
When you go, you come back changed.
I don’t want that to happen again.
I just want my Mommy to stay home.

Verse Three:

Some travel the heroes’ highway
No hugs, no last good-byes.
Soldiers return to loved ones broken and barely alive.
The fire of demon dragons follows them from the fight
And the hell of war hits home,
Breaking families, hearts and lives.

Chorus Three:

They’re coming home
Picking up the pieces.
Some pull it together, some break from the strain.
Greet them with open arms
Remember some of their comrades are gone.
Love them, thank them, welcome them back home.
Love them, thank them, welcome our soldiers home.

They’re Coming Home

Terry Kelly – vocals
Debbie Fleming – backup vocals
Tom Leighton – piano
Curly Boy Stubbs – acoustic guitar, djembe
Jason Fowler – rhythm guitar
Don Reed – violins
Wendy Solomon – cellos
Al Cross – drums
Dennis Pendrith – electric bass

Produced by Paul Mills & Terry Kelly
Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Millstream, Toronto,
by Paul Mills

©All rights reserved